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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:31 pm    Post subject: The The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask Full Movie In Hindi F

The The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd

Having waged his battles across time to defeat Ganondorf and save Hyrule, Link leaves the land that made him a hero- more or less by accident. Whilst on a personal journey looking for a beloved friend, he's attacked by some idiot wearing an odd mask (Majora's Mask) and his horse AND Ocarina are stolen off him. Link is understandably upset and pursues the villain, but his day gets worse when he gets turned into a Deku Scrub. He meets Tatl, a friend of the villain's who's got herself separated from her brother. They unite, and find themselves into the parallel world of Termina, and they find their fates tied to the world's impending doom- the villain making the moon crash into Clock Town. They've got just 3 days to stop the moon from crashing into Termina, get the Ocarina back and find a way to turn Link back into a human.
After Ganons Defeat, Link becomes the Hero of Hyrule however his Long Time Companion Navi has disappeared and Link leaves Hyrule with Epona to find her. His Journey is interrupted by a Skull Kid wearing a Strange Mask and he takes Epona away from Link. Link heads to stop the Skull Kid But is then turned into a Deku Scrub, One of the Skull Kids Companions Tatl helps Link and becomes his new Companion. Link Meets the Enigmatic Happy Mask Salesman and states he can turn Link Human. Link is turned Human and heads to stop the Skull Kid. The Skull Kid then reveals his true Motives as he plans the crash a Moon on the Land of Termina and It's up to Link to stop the Skull Kid from Destroying the land.
This is a very well made Zelda game. My personal favorite is the storyline. Basicly, Young Link is slowly going through the lost woods, looking for Navi apparently, untill he is knocked off his horse by two fairies. Then he wakes up to see he was robbed by some kid in a CREEPY-ASS mask. Link follows, get's turned into a Deku Scrub by the kid and his mask, and finds himself in an offer presented to him by a mask collecter he meets. The child named Skull Kid has used the mask's power to summon an evil moon to crash into the earth in three days, so it makes you want to hurry.

The Gameplay is fun, and the puzzles are a bit harder than those in OOT. Not to mention the graphics are also a bit of an improvement.

The Music is fabulous. My favorite is Skull Kid's theme, because it is the creepiest.

The story is very well put together, looking into friendship, responsibility, and not about someone taking over Hyrule.

The characters are good too. Specially Skull Kid, whom I believe to be the best Nintendo villan. Not only is he creepy, but he has a history that makes you sympathize with him.

Buy this game. it's good. If you are a true Zelda fan, you will.
Travelling through a forest Link is accosted by a masked figure who robs him. Link chased the figure into another world - Termina. Termina is aptly named as the moon is falling onto the land and will collide in exactely three days. Link must collect tunes and masks in order to work his way through four dungeons to get the support of four spirits to halt the collapse of the moon long enough for Link to confront the evil masked kid and return to Hyrule.

This is the second Zelda game to be on the N64. Ocarina of Time was a huge hit and the followup was inevitable. The graphics have been greatly improved and it is very impressive from the start. The story is at first a little worrying - three days! The first Zelda was huge and sprawling and without a time limit. Here three days makes it sound like it'll all over in flash - however you can use the ocarina to travel back in time constantly, which is totally necessary. The time thing is a little irritating until you get used to it and it feels a little gimicy.

The characters are similar to those in Zelda:OOT and it also features the same sub-quest and rewards. However here some of the masks are just luck-based. I used the guide eventually to help get the last few masks - most have clues etc to find where to get them, but some seem to just be being in the right place at (literally) the right time. The game play is still superb - the only problem is that you need to play it for hours at a time, not just bit by bit, and if you do set it down for a week, then it's really hard to pick it up again.

Overall, this looks better than Ocarina but it actually isn't. The time thing makes it feel constrainted, the puzzles are not as logical as in OTT and thus you'll find yourself hanging around for long periods of time. However most of the game is perfect and it's totally engrossing stuff. Where OTT was a 10, this is an 8.

No you can't use the mask anywhere else besides there. Because the Skull Kid has cast a spell over the giant moon to come falling down to Earth in 3 days. Link can use this time loop to his advantage to get 4 of the boss remains in 4 dungeons, do many side quests, collect all the items, get all of the pieces of heart. And do side quests involving completing Bombers notebook. The time loop will end if Link can call the 4 giants to stop the moon and defeat the final boss. 7cb1d79195

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